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After I started making models again a little over a year ago, I started looking at other models posted on the internet, and wondered if I could ever make models as nice as those, without spending all my money on aftermarket-stuff, like some of the modellers on the net obviously do.  I started following Instagram-profiles that posted Scalemodels, without ever interacting with the modellers in any way.. I sat at home making my models,

ME-109 G-6 1/72 Italeri

and I shared them on Instagram at first. Being overwhelmed by the response. I just could not understand that anybody could like my “crap”. Next i started posting on Facebook.. Basically the same response.. Lots of Likes, and a few nice comments. I kept on modelling..
I picked my Favourites from the modellers I followed on Instagram, and I watched them build these amazing models, little by little. I enjoyed it a lot.

One day in May  I went to SKALA (Norwegian IPMS Championship), to look at models and modellers in real life. (and also to buy some nice kits if i could find some at a good price.) Walking around among the models I found myself Thinking again.. I want people to see my models, but I will never make models this nice.. On one of the tables I noticed a really nice green p-47 Razorback that I knew I had seen before on Instagram. That gave me a Kick.. Wow!! One of the super models (No… Not Supermodels) i´d seen on Instagram was in Norway.. Don´t know why that would give me such a kick, but it did. A few days later I found a picture of that same Razorback with the Caption
“Was on a Model competition this weekend in Norway.
Won gold with the P-47D”. Well.. Not only did he build a superb Razorback, that won Gold in the SKALA-Competition, but he wasn´t Norwegian.. 🙂 He was Swedish.

A-10 Warthog “Pumba” 1/72 Academy

After That Experience I decided to Practice to get better, and I built a bunch of Planes in all varietys, started playing with my airbrush, to get the most out of the models. I made custom paintjobs on a couple of the planes. I also started weathering them in different ways. Like Pumba here I did the panel-lines with coffee, instead of normal panel-wash.  I started playing with the Idea That I would build something for SKALA 2015, but I still didn´t think I would stand a chance in the competition.. Late in the Autumn I started talking to some of the modellers on Facebook, and found a few Swedish modellers that really know what they are doing, when it comes to building scalemodels. I had noticed during the year that positive feedback came from across the border, and it led to a new Idea.  In the beginning og January 2015 I Decided It was time to try to Break down the Country-barriers, so i started a

Su-27 Flanker 1/72 Trumpeter

facebook-group called Scandinavian modellers (It was supposed to be a place for all the Scandinavians to meet and post their stuff), and invited some of the best modellers I know to join me in the Admin-team (The A-Team). We then Invited all the Scandinavians we knew to join the group, and to spred the word. We Set up a Instagram-Account where we would post Pictures from the group. (It picks up Likes and comments every day) We also set up a youtubeChannel, where we would post In-Box Reviews/ Video-Builds and stuff like that. The group is no longer Scandinavians only, since we realized that the group has a collective knowledge about Scandinavian models/decals, that is hard to match anywhere else, and that we could be of assistance for modellers worldwide.

So That is the story behind Scandinavian Modellers…Yes, and I almost forgot… We also have a blog now, where we will post Build logs, in-box reviews, and other stuff.
If anybody ys wondering what happened to my modelling… I am currently building one of the Models that I will be competing with at SKALA 2015.


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