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I dont know about y´all, but I´m not usually building sci-fi models, but when i saw this one and the Tie-Advanced (Darth Vader´s “Bad-ass-Tiefighter) at Hobbysearch ( )  I knew I had to have them. Good Price on them too.


The first thing that  meets you when you see the kit is this beautiful Piece of art on the box. Whoever designed that did a great job.


The first thing  I noticed when opening the box are The sprues.  There are 6 of them and some of them are multicoloured. That is something I´ve never seen before. (Maybe you have) All the parts seem to be really well detailed, with recessed panel-lines, and as far as I can see there is no flash whatsoever. This version of the X-wing is “In-Flight” only  so it comes wit a base instead of landing gear. I Saw somewhere online that this is a snap-kit, but It seems to be the Glue-sniffing kind. (I might be wrong, but I´ll glue it Either way)

Sprue A is Multicoloured, it has White, Red, pink and Clear parts and Seems to be the main parts for the hull, and the canopy.

Sprue B1 Mainly Wings and pilots

Sprue B1 and B2 is White parts only, and seems to be the parts for the Wings, the nose, The frame for the Canopy and the pilots.

Nicely detailed Pilot
Sprue C. Engine-parts.

Sprue C are actually 2 sprues, but contain the same parts. The parts seam to be for the engines and the blasters.

Sprue D Contains all the parts for the base. Once again nicely detailed.

The Kit also comes with Decals. you have a choice between Dry-transfer and Waterslide. That´s also the first time I´ve seen in a kit.

The Instructions are in Japanese and English and are 10 pages with easy to follow (If you can figure them out) instructions. I guess they could have put more effort into making a nice set of instructions. The drawings are a bit simple, and the quality of the print could be better, but With a little patience I guess you´ll figure it out.

So to sum this up. It´s a nice-looking kit, that depicts one of the Great Sci-Fi “planes” from the 80´s. It has Multicoloured Sprue, a bunch of Nicely detailed Crisp Flash-Free parts. The Instructions could be better, but I´m Not gonna complain anymore about them. Looks to be a Nice build. You will probably see it when I finish It.



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