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Last week I went to my parents house to pick up one of our girls that had been there for the weekend. Most of my old models that have survived (more or less…. I´ve let the kids play with them, so Pieces are missing and stuff is broken) live there in my old room, that has been turned into a tv-room.

They (The old folks) were going to clean out some old stuff, and asked if I wanted to bring some of the old models home. Going through the drawers where they have been stored I I found a couple of old M-500 Defenders that I built back in ´93, that still were more or less ok. Of course the quality of the builds were not the standard i build now, but they bring good memories, so I took them home.

found a AC-130 with broken wings and missing rear-door, that I think I will make a strange and completely different bird out of, so I took that one home too.

The last one I took home was The last bird I built before I took my 20 year break from model-building.  A Italeri 1/72 C-130J. As soon as I saw it I decided to take it home, and try to restore it.

This is how It looked after i dusted it off and took it home

So I took a good look at it, after I got it home, and Quickly decided I needed to give it new panel-lines.  Back When I built this none of the panle-lines were recessed, and back then I only used enamels and painted with a brush (really thick paint-layer on this one), so I found out I had to scribe some panel-lines (No matter how much I dislike it)

Left wing has gotten its panel-lines
both the wings now have panel-lines.

Scribing this monster was a test of my patience. I positively dislike (Would say Hate, but It´s not true) Scribing. The Long straights are sort of ok to do if you have a ruler, but the Curves are a B**ch!

wash on

For the first wash I went with a mix of Dark sea-grey, and US-sand, mixed with water and dish-washing soap and coffee. Brushed it on because it would not flow in the panel-lines. Then I let it dry overnight.

The overflow has been removed.
The panel-lines were a bit dark

the next day i Went into cleaning-mode, armed with water, cotton-buds (AKA Q-tips) and paper towels. cleaned up all the excess wash that was all over the wings and fuselage but tried to not destroy the layer in the panel-lines. I That was a time-consuming job that took most of that night.

Finally got it all off, and then I realize the panel-lines are too dark, so here we go again.. A new layer of wash…. This time almost same recipe.. Switched out Dark Sea-grey with Light Sea-grey..  and left it to dry overnight.

Wash number two is on.
and off again. This time much better 🙂

So After cleaning the wash off the next day I was happy with the new panel-lines. next step was matte-coating the bird to seal the panel-lines  and to get rid of that terrible shiny paintjob.  I use a mix of Pledge (future/klear) and Tamiya X-21 to do this. what ratio is hard to say, and The mixing-process has to be done way before using it, so you can make sure it is the level of matte you want. Too little X-21 and you have a glossy varnish… Too much x-21 and you end up with matte white varnish.. (probably good on snowy stuff, but totally useless If the thing you paint is any other color than white)

After adding several layers of mattecoat I started adding a lot of little details like paintchips, big and small, oilspill, dirt and rust (yep. Rust on a aluminium-bird that doesn´t rust) also added smokestains over the wings even if the Herc has its exhaust-pipes on the underside of the wing. (did this mostly because it looks cool, even if it wouldn´t be like that on the herc unless all four engines had been on fire in flight)

I  think it turned out so much better than it was when I brought i home. Got rid of that Shine and added a lot of dirt, oil, rust and smoke, and turned this bird into something I liked.

The light makes the smokestains too visible. (They are not that visible in normal light)
Panel-lines and dirt
One Dirty bird, Head-on
Streaks of rust and Dirty
a really dirty tail.
So dirty it feels good 🙂
Check that Ass 🙂

Despite disliking the scribing on this bird I really loved restoring my old friend.  And Even if it has tons of errors, It is still MY hercules.

The rest of the planes in the drawers at my parents house have been sentenced to death, and the garbage-truck will pick them up shortly. (If they don´t end up on burning in some fire)

I´m not sure I vill restore the  M-500´s, but They will at least survive.. The AC-130 will get new life as something completely different.

Hopefully updates will come shortly 🙂



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