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Hi. It´s once again time to show how I do my stuff, and how my brain works. I Restored/rebuilt this one back in October/November. This is a plane I got from a friend while I was still living with my parents. At some point either him or his father had built this one (can´t really remember) and Gave it to me just to get rid of it I guess 🙂 When i got it it was all-black, but I didn´t like it that way, so I repainted it, in some sort of desert-camo, using a brush and Humbrol enamels. (and like most kids I laid it on Thick). Then it lived on a shelf at my parents´until My kids and my brothers kids got the permission to play with it. Didn´t take long before there were missing parts all over……


This it the original kit.

First thing I did when I started the project (after I got it home) was to dismantle it. and look at my options. I Cut the fuselage into suitable pieces. and I started to plan what to do with it. I cut the vertical and horizontal stabilizers off, and Mounted the Horizontal atabilizers back on the tail-section in a Wide V-shape.


Horizontal stabilizers reattached and gaps filled.

cutting off the stabilizers (specially the Vertical) left a gaping hole in the top of the tail-section. This hole was filled with pieces of the Horizontal stabilizer, CA-glue and Perfect plastic putty (That stuff is amazing.). After alot of sanding i was happy with that section and moved on to the next.

The fuselage.I cut it right behind the cockpit, and right in front of the wings. Removed the  stuff in the middle. I also cut out a big chunk behind the wing. And the glued the parts back together, so that the tailsection started right behind the wing and the cockpit right in front of it. That also required alot of putty and sanding to make it fit properly. Then I clipped the wings right outside the outer engines. (remember this is a 4 engine plane). I clued the clipped parts back on the fuselage as some sort of lower wing..


Fuselage back in action with the lower wing.

Of course there was need for putty here too..  The lower-wing thing came as kind of a let´s try this just to try it-thing. but it worked out nice, so I decided to go with it, and make a Biplane out of it, so I did just that.. But in order for the plane to get an overwing exhaust-profile I had tu turn the wings upside down. Another decision that required PUTTY.


Upper wing attached upsoide down. Struts made from cut sprue from another kit

After attaching the wings and filling the gaps with putty, and sanding alot I reattached the weapons from the AC-130 in a new more aggressive fashion.. two of the gatlings were reattached under the wings, while the 40mms ended up on the roof of the bird as forward-facing artillery. The large Gatling ended up in one of the radar-domes (the one in the chin),  and suddenly became a turret. I also took the drop-tanks from a B-57 and added them under the lower wings. Also added homemade pylons under the wings for weapons. The windscreen was sanded down to remove old paint , and polished, before it got dipped in Future, then masked and Reinstalled.


Reassambled and ready for paint

Sprayed one coat of Grey Vallejo primer, and then Preshaded the panel lines with Black Vallejo air. After that I gave it a light coat of aluminium (Also Vallejo air)  and coated the top part of the Horizontal stabilizers with Gold.


The panel-lines are clearly visible.

After the Alumimium was Dry I sprayed the plane with Lukewarm water and sprinkled some salt here and there (Saltweathering) so that I could make chipped paint when the next layer of Paint was on.


You can see the salt through the paint.

After the water had evaporated and the salt had dried it was time to spray the next layer of paint. This time I used medium sea-grey. Unfortunately I managed to cover the Preshading completely. Maybe I should have put on preshading in between the layers too.. (the it wouldn´t be preshading.. more of a inthemiddleshading) 🙂 When the paint dried I Put the plane in the sink under running water. This removed the salt and made my chipping visible.


Chipping visible.. And the plane has a friend.

NExt up was adding Missiles. I had some spare-missiles from aSu-27 kit laying around, so I figured I´d use them. Took some painting and assembling, but I got them attached. 🙂 NExt up was clear-coating the whole thing with future. (Love that stuff too) Printed some custom decals for the bird and started putting them on.


Weapons mounted and Plane decals on.

After finishing the decal-process, the plane got another coat with future before starting to Weather it. it took Various panel-line washes and rust-washes before I was happy with it.


Weathering complete

Added some smoke effects too.. Tamiya X-19 is awesome for that stuff..

And with that The build was over… Now comes the pictures of the finished product.

This is Cyberheed DCP-130 Herculoid.




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