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How to make a base in a few hours

Today I´m gonna tell you how to make a little base for your model. It involves, a kitchen-tile, Paint, salt, water, and masking tape.. and It goes a little like this:


Step 1: Take a ordinary Kitchen-Tile


A ordinary kitchen-tile 8 by 8 inches.


Step 2: First prime it with Black primer, and then spray it with First Color. (I used German grey). Let the paint dry, then add water and sprinkle salt on it. Let it dry before next step.


First coat and salt


Step 3: Spray it with second color. (I used Dark Sea-grey). Let the pait dry. Apply water and salt, then let it all dry again before step 4.


second coat and salt


Step 4: Spray it with Color 3. (I used Medium sea-grey). Let the pait dry. Apply water and salt, then let it all dry again before step 5.


Third coat and salt


Step 5: Spray with Color 4. (I used Light grey) Let the pait dry. Apply water and salt, then let it all dry again before step 6.


4th color and salt


Step 6: Spray with the last color (I used USAF Light-Grey), Then Let it all Dry.


last basecoat on.


Step 7: Rinse off the salt with Hot water. This is a critical part. Too hot and you remove the paint. Too cold and the salt wont come off. Rub remaining salt off very gently. Then let it all dry. Apply Pledge/Klear/Johnson on top to seal everything.


salt removed


Step 8: Start masking the Concrete edges. I do this without measuring. It does not need to be perfect.


masked edges


Step 9: Spray the masked lines and Remove masking tape. (I used German grey)




Step 10: Mask the Concrete in the other direction, then spray those lines too.


masked again


Step 11: The lines came out a little sharp, so I thinned down Light grey and sprayed lightly all over. Let it all dry.


hard lines


Step 12: Mask so you can paint the yellow lines. Here you can put them in any direction or basically anny pattern or shape you like, as long as you are able to make the masking for it. Then spray with Line-Color (I used Ochre-Yellow).


more masking


Step 13: Remove Masking, and relax. The worst is done.


looking good


Step 14: Weathering. Since the Concrete already looked weathered because of the salt, I decided to only put some oil, Soot and dirt here and there, so I sprayed it with Tamiya X-19 (smoke). Then I flatcoated it with my own homemade matte-coat (Pledge mixed with tamiya flat base), and let it dry properly.


dirty now


Step 15: Place whatever model you want to exhibit on top, Relax and Put your feet up. You are all done.


all done


Now that was easy, wasn´t it?

Stay tuned for more fun.




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